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Company employees more than 400 people, the formation of combining covers doctorate, master, undergraduate, college and other educational levels and the old, middle-aged and young talent echelon, offer talent guarantee for technology research and development, production and quality.

The company's human resource management mechanism to build management platform and promote the ability to cross the goal, to attract first-class talents, first-class talent incentive and development of top talents for the purpose, is committed to build employee contribution value, ability development and sharing of interests mechanism and platform.

Set up to develop the capacity as the core training and development system, through constructing benchmark job skills, the implementation of diversity training and new staff guidance, core staff training and management skills development projects, support staff to enhance the ability and career development;

Provide challenging work opportunities, and constructs the system of incentive and competitive compensation, internal equity market, so that employees can become rich material wealth and spiritual wealth.
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